catch [kach, kech]
caught, catching [ME cacchen < Anglo-Fr cachier < VL * captiare < L captare, to seize < pp. of capere, to take hold: see HAVE]
1. to seize and hold, as after a chase; capture
2. to seize or take by or as by a trap, snare, etc.
3. to deceive; ensnare
4. to discover by taking unawares; surprise in some act [to be caught stealing]
5. to strike suddenly; hit [the blow caught him in the arm]
6. to overtake or get to in time; be in time for [to catch a train]
7. to intercept the motion or action of; lay hold of; grab or snatch [to catch a ball]
a) to take or get as by chance or quickly [to catch someone's attention, to catch a glimpse]
b) Informal to manage to see, hear, find, etc. [to catch a radio program]
9. to take or get passively; incur or contract without intention, as by exposure [to catch the mumps]
a) to take in with one's mind or senses; understand; apprehend
b) to show an understanding of by depicting [the statue catches her beauty]
11. to captivate; charm
12. to cause to be entangled or snagged [to catch one's heel in a rug]
13. Baseball to act as catcher for (a specified pitcher, a specified game, etc.)
1. to become held, fastened, or entangled [her sleeve caught on a nail]
2. to take hold or spread, as fire
3. to take fire; burn
4. to take and keep hold, as a lock
5. to act or serve as a catcher
1. the act of catching
2. a thing that catches or holds
3. the person or thing caught
4. the amount caught
5. a person worth catching, esp. as a husband or wife
6. a snatch, scrap, or fragment [catches of old tunes]
7. a break in the voice, caused by emotion
8. an exercise or a simple game consisting of throwing and catching a ball
9. Informal a hidden qualification; tricky condition [a catch in his offer]
10. Music a round for three or more unaccompanied voices
11. Sports a catching of a ball in a specified manner
12. Baseball the catching of a ball in flight and holding it firmly
1. designed to trick; tricky [a catch question on an exam]
2. attracting or meant to attract attention or interest
catch as catch can
with any hold, approach, technique, etc.: originally said of a style of wrestling
catch at
1. to try to catch
2. to reach for eagerly; seize desperately
catch it
Informal to receive a scolding or other punishment
☆ catch on
1. to grasp the meaning; understand
2. to become fashionable or popular
catch oneself
to hold oneself back abruptly from saying or doing something
catch out
Chiefly Brit. to take notice of a person's error, inconsistency, or unacceptable action
catch up
1. to take or lift up suddenly; seize; snatch
2. to show to be in error
3. to come up even, as by hurrying or by extra work; overtake
4. to fasten in loops
catch up on
to engage in more (work, sleep, etc.) so as to compensate for earlier neglect
SYN.- CATCH, the most general term here, refers to a seizing or taking of a person or thing, whether by skill or cunning, and usually implies pursuit; CAPTURE stresses seizure by force or stratagem [to capture an outlaw ]; NAB, an informal word, specifically implies a sudden or quick taking into custody [the police nabbed the thief ]; TRAP1 and SNARE both imply the literal or figurative use of a device for catching a person or animal and suggest a situation from which escape is difficult or impossible [to trap a bear, snared by their false promises ]

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